Oba Ojora Ramadan Lecture 2023 Edition

The entire Ojora Kingdom gladly welcome The world missionaries Alhaji Sheik Muyideen Ajani Bello to the oba ojora annual Ramadan lecture and QUR’AN competition 2023 edition.

The clergyman at the other end who was overwhelmed with the positive turn out of the people of Ijora and IGANMU kingdom, to the annual lecture.

Loyalty is an important component in relationships, whether familial , social, or otherwise. It can help build stronger bonds and create social support. Loyalty can be fostered by being honest, supportive, respectful, appreciative—and, yes, loyal.

How to Build Loyalty
Loyalty is a characteristic that can be developed and earned in relationships. Dr. Muyideen Bello, suggests some tips to help build loyalty:

Show your appreciation: Show the people that you value them. Communicate how important they are to you and how significant their presence is in your life. Don’t take them for granted. Showing someone your loyalty to them can help encourage them to be more loyal to you.
Be supportive: Offer support when they are struggling and help them face their problems. Don’t give up on them when challenges arise. They should know you’re there for them through thick and thin.
Maintain their confidence: If they share their secrets, hopes, plans, fears, or insecurities with you, ensure that you keep their trust and maintain their confidence. Respect them and avoid passing judgment.

Keep your promises: If you make promises or commitments to them, make it a point to follow through and not let them down. If there’s something you can’t do, be honest and upfront from the start.
Don’t be unfaithful: In relationships, it’s important to honor your commitment to your partner and remain faithful.
Be honest: Be transparent and honest with the person, and avoid keeping secrets from them. It’s also important to be authentic with them, even if that makes you vulnerable. Being your true self with them helps promote trust and loyalty.

Treat them fairly: If you’re having a disagreement, it’s important to hear their perspective, even if it clashes with yours, instead of ignoring or avoiding difficult conversations.
Act in their best interests: Having ulterior motives when you’re dealing with someone, talking behind their back, or embarrassing them in public are acts of disloyalty.
Address problems within the relationship: When there is a problem in your relationship, manage it directly with the person instead of talking about it to other people. This shows that you respect and value the relationship with the person instead of seeking external validation by talking about them and your problems to others.

The clergyman, also appreciates the kabiyesi of Ijora and IGANMU kingdom for being kind to everyone, even unto him in particular.
And also advice other royal fathers to emulate the loving-kindness being demonstrated by kabiyesi ojora.


Olaitan Royal
Chief press (Oba Ojora)

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