Day 3- 2023 Holy Ghost Congress.

Holy Ghost Congress-Day 3

I heard God saying to me loud and clear and He kept repeating it, He said, I will work, who can hinder me. What God is saying is tonight, I will heal and no one can hinder me.

Topic: Healing the Incurable

Text: Jeremiah 32:27

God made you, according to John 1:1-3, by Him were all things made.

– Revelation 4:11 – He made you for His pleasure. He made you so that you can give Him pleasure and not sorrow.

– He made your hands to clap, Psalm 47:1. He enjoys the beauty that comes from clapping. Even the trees clap their hands, the floods clap for the Almighty God.
Mark 3:1-5. He made the hands to clap and not to wither.

God made you for His pleasure and He is coming around tonight, if He sees that your hands are not clapping, He will do something about it.

– He made your legs to Dance, Psalm 150:1-4, Acts 3:1-11.



From now on, you will have something to dance about. Amen.

He made your legs to run errands for Him..

– He made your mouth not just for eating. Psalm 47:1. He made your mouth to shout and to testify about His goodness. Psalm 95:1. God likes noise because the winning side is the shouting side.


Anything that is trying to shut your mouth, God will destroy tonight. Amen

– He gave you eyes so that you can see His glory. Psalm 98:1

Everyone of you with any kind of eye problem, receive brown new eyes in the name of Jesus. Amen

– Romans 10:17, He made your ears. He made your ears to hear the word of God, so that you can have faith to please Him.

– Genesis 1:28, He gave you womb to be fruitful and multiply.

Every womb listen to the word of God, before this time next year, you will carry your babies. Amen

Whenever God finds anything wrong with your body, He is eager to repair. He is more eager than you are eager to be healed. Mark 1:40-45.

When you find the Almighty God talking about healing, He talks about it with excitement. He is always excited to heal.

1. Believe, Mark 9:23. If you can only believe.

Father if my faith is not enough, please help me all the same.

2. Go ahead and receive. Mathew 9:27-31

3. Demonstrate by acting. Demonstrate your faith.

4. Testify. Tell the whole world what God has done for you. Learn to testify, learn to tell others what God has done for you.

5. Mathew 7:7-12, it is when you ask, you shall be given, Ask. Baltimeaus asked and he got. You are encouraged to do your own asking.

God said somebody is asking, what about those who are not sick, any miracle for us tonight, Daddy said the miracle for you is that you will not be sick again. Amen

I decree on somebody here tonight when it is time for you to go, you won’t suffer at all.

Mark 2:1-12 – You have to get sin out of the way before healing can come
Mark 5:1-14 – The issue of sin must be settled first.
– He will need to wash you with His blood
– You must stay away from sin so that the worst thing will not happen to you.
– You must stay away from sin so that your wholeness will last forever.

To those who have not surrendered or given their life to Jesus Christ, God will need to wash away their sin first before they can be healed. If you want to surrender your life to God, you need to come to Him now.

Cry to the Almighty God to save your soul, ask Him to wash you clean by His blood, accept you as His son and never to go back to sin again.

Prayer points
Father this very night make me whole, absolutely whole, I promise to serve you all the rest of my life.

Father help my unbelief tonight, make my faith big enough to receive from you tonight.


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