Day 4-2023 Holy Ghost Congress.


Divine Repositioning

Ministering: Pastor E.A Adeboye Topic: The Lord of Host


2 Sessions of Ministration;
– First ministration will be for those who are candidates for deliverance but who are not qualified for deliverance.

– The second session will be for some spiritual warfare.

Text: Psalm 24:7-10

The God we serve is not a civilian. When we talk about Military, the military can be divided into three parts;
1. The Airforce
2. The ground troupes
3. The Navy

God controls all the hosts, whether in heaven, on land or even when underneath the earth.

– If you have your destiny threatened, He can send an angel one of the host of heaven to come and rescue you. Acts 12:1-11.


Every plan of the enemy to cut short your destiny shall fail. Amen.

– God went ahead and terminate the terminator. Acts 12:20-24 – the very king who wanted to kill peter was eaten by worms.

Anyone who wants to terminate your destiny, before the sun rises shall be terminated. Amen

Whatever God has to do to remove anyone or anything standing between you and your goal shall be done tonight. Amen

– If you are being troubled by the power of the air, God is the Lord of hosts, He controls everything in the air. Joshua 10:11 – when Joshua was fighting some enemies that he could not finish on his own, the Almighty God helped them by dropping big rocks on the head of the enemies.

Every force flying to meetings at night to discuss things against your destiny will never fly again. Amen

– If you have problems with forces on earth, if you have human beings working against your progress on the face of the land, Isaiah 54:15-17, they will all fall for your sake. Amen.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a witch doctor or harbalist or your boss, whoever is it as long as the Lord lives, every weapon they are fashioning against you will not prosper and every attack of the enemy will go back right to the sender. Amen

– Are you going through storms, the Lord of Hosts is the one in control. He control storms. Mark 4:35-41

Whatever storms you are going through, that storm will ends tonight. Amen

When we talk about repositioning, we are not only talking about forces on air, the sea or land, the Almighty God can do much better than just deliver you. He can set you free by allowing the law of substitution. Proverbs 11:8. If the Almighty God finds out that the best way to set you free permanently is to replace the one working against you by substituting that same fellow for you, He will do it. Daniel 6:1-28

Before the sun rises by the law of substitution, all those who have been tormenting your life will be gone. Amen


1 John 3:8 – If you are living in sin, you are of the devil. If you belong to the devil it will be difficult to take you away from your owner (the devil). That’s why you should not continue in sin because if you continue in sin, the devil can take ownership of you, he will say, you belong to him. You can cover your son from man but you can cover it from God because He is the all seeing God. No man knows your secret but God knows. God knows those who are His own. If you claim to be born again and you are still leaving in sin, you better surrender your life to Jesus now. If you want to give your life to Christ, come to Jesus now, He will translate you from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of His son.

Ask Him to have mercy on you, ask Him to save your soul, ask Him to forgive you of your son and move you from darkness into the family of the Lord, tell Him you don’t want to have anything to do with the devil anymore.


When we talk about Divine repositioning, what God has in mind is not just deliverance for the captives even though that is part of it, what God really has in mind during this congress is to turn those who are being pursued to those who are now pursuing the pursuers, He wants to turn the hunted to become those who will be hunting those who are hunting them.
1 Kings 19;1-8, 21:1-29 (vs 20 in particular)

Whatever you allow will be allowed, whatever you reject will be rejected. Some of us had watched the devil doing what he wanted with our families, we look at our problems as not too big and little by little evil grows and little by little problems come.

Every satanic influence in our families will be ending tonight. Amen

James 4:7 – when you submit to God, your next action is to resist the devil. When you decide that you are going to deal with the devil, he will run. Mathew 15:21-28 – A woman fought all the way through to get deliverance for her family.
It’s time to say enough is enough.

– Father in the mighty name of Jesus, every activity of the devil in my family must end tonight. My family must be repositioned away from the bondage of the enemy tonight.

– Pray for your home town. Acts 8:1-end, it takes only one man to bring joy to the city. There must be an end to the reign of the forces of the devil in our home town who think they are the owner of the town.

Father, in the mighty name of Jesus, every force of darkness operating in my village, I decree that they get out tonight.

Father every agent of the devil in my village, in my town, I clear them tonight .


All it takes for evil to prosper is for those who know good and not do it. It took force, spiritual force to bring Israel out of Egypt.
It takes more than any man no matter how well the intentions to solve the problems of a Nation. There are forces of darkness beyond the knowledge of man.
To get Israel out of bondage, some people had to die, drown and uprooted.

In the mighty name of Jesus, whatever you have to do to rescue my nation, Nigeria from the grip of the forces of darkness, do it tonight Lord.

When God said He is repositioning you, it is to help your neighbours to be free.

Father in the life of this your child, anything that is of satanic origin, flush it out tonight in the name of Jesus.

Confront the devil. If you resist the devil, he will flee from you.

In the mighty name of Jesus, satan I command you, take your dirty hands off me.

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