Do women have a better fashion sense than men?

It’s true that a lot of women have a better sense of fashion than men, but that doesn’t mean I’d recommend bringing a woman friend along with you when you’re shopping for women’s clothes.

Here’s why.

First, just being a woman doesn’t automatically mean she knows a lot about fashion. Women can get stuck wearing the same types of outfits every day just like many men can.

And if she’s a friend, she’ll naturally want to be helpful and supportive. She may end up telling you how nice certain garments look because she’d wear them herself, but that’s not the kind of help you’d be looking for.

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It comes down to who take the time and effort to learn about fashion. A lot of women do take the time and effort to learn about it but there are still a lot of women that have poor fashion sense as well. The same applies for men. A lot of men feel it is unmanly to know too much about fashion but this is changing and more and more men are learning about fashion and there are a lot more men that have very good fashion sense than there use to be in my opinion. European men tend to be among some of the best for this.

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