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In Nigeria, another popular snack is chin-chin. It is easy to make, affordable, and has a crunchy taste. Chin-Chin is among the snacks that are served as an appetizer. Although it is one of the most Nigerian snacks that can be served as a dessert. So continue to eat chin-chin because it’s actually good for you

At Nikky Cookeries,we sell Various types of Chinchin like Pepperized Chinchin , indomie Chinchin, Kokoro Alata, Burudi Pako Biscuits, Groundnut Candy, Coconut Chip, Baba dudu, kulikuli, peanut etc.     For your Engagement, House Warming, Weddings, Naming Ceremony, Birthday party and so on.                


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Nikky cookeries

Health Benefits

The carbohydrates found in chin chin can help to fuel your brain, helping you to stay focused and productive. Additionally, research has also suggested that consuming a moderate amount of carbohydrates may help to improve memory recall.

Due to its size, it’s mostly nice for kids and guests at home. Aside from it being small, many people enjoy the snacks because they can be stored for a long period of time. Below are the health benefits of eating chin-chin.

Benefit 1

It provides the body with the energy it needs.


Benefit 2

Chin-chin contains Vitamin B3 which is important for healthy eyes.

Benefit 3

 It also boosts the immediate energy of the body.

Benefit 4

Consumption of chin-chin contains vitamin D which is needed for the absorption of calcium.

Benefit 5

Chin-chin plays an important role in blood clotting.

Benefit 6

Lastly, It’s rich in carbohydrates.

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