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The Apapa Regeneration Stakeholders Meeting, organized by the Apapa Local Government under the dynamic leadership of Hon. Idowu Adejumoke Senbanjo, the Executive Chairman of Apapa Local Government, was held on Tuesday, June 25, 2024, at Atlantic Enterprises, Creek Road, Apapa. This significant event, which brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, showcased the collaborative efforts to transform Apapa into a thriving urban hub. The meeting underscored the vital role of leadership in driving community development and highlighted the remarkable achievements and future plans for the area.


Highlights of The Meeting

The event was marked by the presence of prominent political figures, including Hon. Cornelius Ojelabi, Chairman of the APC Lagos State chapter, chief okaro the igbo leader in Apapa, commercial banks, Dr. Jimi Agbaje CEO JAYKAY PHARMACY, MADAM IBRU OLOROGUN, DR ADE DOSUNMU and Hon. Tunde Balogun, a GAC member and former APC Chairman of Lagos STATE, etc. Both APC leaders and others dignitaries present echoed the sentiment that “what a man can do, a woman can do better,” in recognition of the outstanding leadership of Hon. Adejumoke Senbanjo. This powerful endorsement set the tone for a day of celebration and reflection on the progress made under her administration.

Hon. Senbanjo’s tenure has seen significant strides in enhancing security and traffic management in Apapa. Mass provision of patrol vehicles, demolition of abandoned buildings harboring miscreants, and the organization of a Security Summit are among the key initiatives that have bolstered safety in the area. Additionally, the introduction of seven-seater minibuses, distributed freely to residents and charging a nominal fare of 100 naira per trip, has alleviated transportation challenges and improved mobility for the populace.

Health is a cornerstone of Hon. Senbanjo’s agenda. The ILERA Eko Programme has addressed disease outbreaks and provided essential health palliatives. Significant improvements in primary healthcare include the provision of necessary equipment, organization of breast cancer schemes for women, and the availability of ambulances for emergency situations. These efforts have collectively enhanced the overall well-being of Apapa residents.

In the realm of education, Hon. Senbanjo’s administration has made notable advancements. Model schools have been established to provide quality basic education, and vocational centers equipped with essential tools offer skill acquisition opportunities. Initiatives such as food palliatives for primary school students, along with the provision of school bags and uniforms, have created an enabling environment for learning and development.

Environmental sustainability has been a critical focus area. While flooding and environmental degradation have been addressed, ongoing efforts are required to achieve excellence. Projects such as the reconstruction of drains and gutters, installation of street lights, and provision of environmental equipment are vital for creating a cleaner and safer Apapa.

Hon. Senbanjo’s vision for Apapa extends beyond her current tenure. Key areas identified for future development include the installation of a 400 AMP gear switch, tide gate at Ijora, and comprehensive equipment upgrades for schools. The ambitious N20 billion project plan encompasses the establishment of a central bus station, introduction of electric buses, enhancement of security infrastructure, and extensive water pipe reticulation.

The Q&A session at the meeting was a testament to the overwhelming support for Hon. Senbanjo’s second term. Stakeholders across political parties echoed their endorsement, emphasizing the need for continuity to complete the transformative projects underway. Their collective voice underscored the shared commitment to realizing Apapa’s potential as a mega city

In her concluding remarks, Hon. Senbanjo expressed pride and hope for the future of Apapa. “Together, we have faced the daunting task of revitalizing our streets, rebuilding our infrastructure, and restoring the vibrancy that once defined Apapa,” she stated. “We have persevered through the obstacles and worked tirelessly to create a brighter, more prosperous tomorrow for all who call Apapa home.”

The Apapa Regeneration Stakeholders Meeting was not just an event; it was a reaffirmation of the collective resolve to build a better future. As Hon. Senbanjo continues to lead with vision and dedication, the prospects for Apapa shine brighter than ever.


Watch Out for the Next Edition: Detailed Reports on Completed Projects

Stay tuned for our next edition, where we will delve into the details of the completed projects that have transformed Apapa under the stewardship of Hon. Idowu Adejumoke Senbanjo.

The Apapa Regeneration Document

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