RCCG November 2023 Holy Ghost Service, Friday, November 3, 2023.


It allows exploration and communication beyond the limitation of words.

Creativity is fun and joyful and surprising.

Creativity keeps the mind active.

Creativity engages different learning styles.

Creative methods enable engagement through a variety of learning styles. Everyone learns and engages differently.
Henceforth, creativity will be our watchword in the sanitation department, so we can do exploit, says pastor Abdullai the RCCG national sanitation department, at the provincial sanitation HOD meeting during the November 2023 Holy Ghost service.

Theme: All Wall must come down

Ministering: Pastor E.A Adeboye

The bible teaches that God has a timetable for everything. In every man’s life or every woman’s life, there comes a day when things will no longer be the same. For someone, this is the day.

Topic: All Walls must come down.

Before walls must come down, there is an element of violence involved in MUST. When the wall of Jericho fell, it was not a gentle shout, it was a shout that shook the foundation of the world.

Daddy says that all those who are trying to terminate your destiny, one by one before the new year, they will perish. Amen.

Text: Joshua 6:20

The wall is a boundary, even when the farm belongs to both father and son, there will still be a boundary.
A wall as related in big houses is telling your neighbour you may be richer or stronger than I but this wall is saying this is your boundary, this is how far you can go.

Not all walls are bad. A wall to those outside the wall is simply saying within the walls there are treasures, the walls are high. Revelations 21:10-12.

The walls that are great and high are telling outsiders that you can see the walls but you can’t come in.
Walls basically means that which tells you thus far you can go further .

Walls are in categories;
1. Some walls are Natural, like the red sea. The red sea has been there for years since the wall was formed, it only became a wall when the Israelites were on their way to the promised land and it stood on their way, it became a stumbling block.

2. There are walls that you inherited. The walls have been there before you were born, (generational curses), when a great grandfather misbehaved and a curse was pronounced on the family, there is a wall provided by a curse. It will take Jesus to break such a curse. That Jesus will break every curse in your family in Jesus name. Amen

3. There are walls that are man made like Jericho Wall. Joshua 6;20

4. The walls you build yourself. The walls that you erected yourself that are blocking your way.

In the name of the one who allow you to be alive today, every wall Must come down. Amen


The red sea only became a wall when it blocked the way of Israel to the promised land.
– The red sea is symbolic to DELAYS. The children of God were already going, they left pharaoh and his men behind, they got to the red sea and got stuck.

– Red sea represents walls that allow people that you left behind to catch up with you (enemies).

– Red Sea represents walls that can send you to square one. The plan of pharaoh was to recapture the children of Israel and send them back to slavery.

– Red sea represents situations that can cause you to backslide, you go back to where you have said byebye

– The red sea represents walls that can render your previous victories useless.

The red sea represents the kind of walls that does not only delays you for the enemies to catch up with you but may also lead to death, for example, Sampson. The problem of Sampson was that he was a Jew leaving among the enemies of the Jews. He was born to be a mighty conqueror but there was a wall and that wall was that he was always looking at the wrong direction. The enemies capture the champion, pluck out his eyes, make him dance to their idols and at the end of the day he died.

Every red sea in your way shall part in Jesus name. Amen

The Wall of Jericho as an Illustration.

– Jericho Wall is symbolic of a situation in your life that defiles the promises of God in your life. God had made some certain promises to you and the word of God came to you direct and you know the word is for you and yet years past and nothing to show for it. The wall of Jericho begin to say where is that your God.

– The wall of Jericho represents something that is saying that you are so near but so far.

– The wall of Jericho represents when you are doing everything God says you should do, you pray, you fast, pay your tithe and offering, you win souls, you even build churches and yet God seems to be silent.

Everything in your life that is causing people to say where is your God, that wall will fall tonight. Amen

The enemy can see a little bit into your future whether you believe it or not. Many times, from the moment you are born, the devil has a glimpse of what you are going to become. God anointed David in the house of David, somehow the devil knew and the devil decided that before this boy can become a king, he will kill him. The devil tried the lion, the lion failed, he tried the bear and the bear failed. You don’t know how many efforts the devil has made to defeat you up to this moment, you don’t know but God has kept you alive, it is a miracle that you are still alive.

The lion failed, the bear failed and the devil brought in Goliath, the devil champion, 1 Samuel 17. The devil was after the kingdom that God had prepared for David. The devil knew David will brag about his father when he is sent to fight Goliath and his plan is to kill David.

Today in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, every Goliath in your life will fall. Amen

God asked me to tell somebody, the bleeding had stopped. Amen

There are certain walls that you create for yourself. Walls that you carry everywhere.

1. Laziness,
A lazy man will always be under tribute. Proverbs 22:29, 2 Kings 13:14-25. One of the biggest walls that many of us have is that we can’t even pray for an hour. Laziness is a terrible wall.
I will never be lazy again

The Lord asked me to tell someone, He said the chain that the enemy tied round your waist that he uses to pull you back when you want to move forward, that chain is broken today. Amen

2. Pride,
James 4:6. God resist the proud. Psalm 73:6, Proverbs 16:18, when pride comes then destruction follows. Proverbs 29:23, 2 Kings 5:1-14 (but for the sake of God, Naaman would have lost his healing and died a leper). Pride goes before dishonour.

The wall of pride in your life will fall tonight in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

God said, you must never forget that He can reverse the irreversible, He said very soon, your tithe is going to be bigger than your 100 percent now, He said when that time comes, don’t begin to play tricks because He can reverse the irreversible.

The Lord says I should tell a woman, He said your husband is definitely a failure and that your sons are beginning to show signs that they want to follow in his doorsteps, the Lord said I will intervene.

3. Anger is another wall that must fall.
Psalm 37:8-9, some of you enjoy being angry, you have a violent temper, you quickly get annoyed. Proverbs 14:17, Ecclesiastes 7:9
Even God Almighty Himself is slow to anger, so if you are quick to anger, then something is wrong with you. Proverbs 16:32, Psalm 145:8, Proverbs 22:24-25,
Consider Moses in Numbers 20:1-12, it was anger that did not allow Moses to make it to the promised land. Anger was Moses wall. Get rid of anger. Nobody gets angry without a reason but the moment you see anger gathering up in you, tell yourself immediately, don’t be a FOOL because it doesn’t matter who had wronged you, Anger is called temporary madness. It may be temporary but it’s madness and during that period of madness you can do something you may not be able to reverse. The wall of anger must fall in Jesus name.

4. Unbelief.
Mark 9:23, the wall that had been standing between many of us and our miracle is unbelief. There are promises of God when you hear them, it becomes impossible but when it is God speaking, believe Him, it might not make sense to you, believe Him. You need to believe in God when He is speaking because He is the maker of Heaven and Earth. Hebrews 11:6

5. Doubt.
Doubt is the twin sister of unbelief.
Mark 11:23, many at times we ask the mountain to move, after we ask it to move, we begin to doubt.
James 1:5-8 – Just believe Him, don’t doubt.

Olaitan Royal
Chief press (Oba Ojora)

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