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“In the heart of every naming ceremony, lies the echo of tradition, the embrace of ancestry, and the promise of a noble legacy.”

In a celebration steeped in tradition and royal heritage, the Ojora’s palace at Ijora Oloye, Lagos, bore witness to the naming ceremony of Prince Solomon Okeowo Tairu and Queen Arike Tairu’s newborn. The air was filled with anticipation and joy as esteemed guests gathered to bestow blessings upon the newest member of the Ojora Royal family.

Hailing from the prestigious lineage of the Ojora Royal family of Lagos State and the Tairu Ajayi of Ogun State, the newborn was christened Prince Solomon, with the additional names of Ire Oluwa and Isaac Tairu, symbolizing divine favor and familial ties by Bishop Ologunde.

Notably, Prince Okeowo, the proud father and official photographer of Hon. IDOWU Olajumoke Sebanjo, the Executive Chairman of Apapa Local Government, seized the opportunity to express gratitude for the blessings and protection bestowed upon his family. Hon. Sebanjo, a figure of maternal warmth and leadership, graced the occasion with her presence, highlighting the bond between the royal family and the local government.

Although the ceremony was modest in scale, it was adorned with the presence of the entire Apapa local government executives, including Hon. Gilraltar Njowusi, the Secretary to the Local Government, the Hon. Moshood Councilor of Ijora Ward E, Hon. Avose the council chief of staff, Hon. Dawud the super for youth and sport and alongside others local government supervisors and senior special advisers to the Chairman.

In his heartfelt address, Prince Okeowo extended gratitude to his father, the esteemed Oba Ojora of Ijora and Iganmu Kingdom, as well as the entire seed of Sarah, the Tairu’s family of Ogun state, the Omidiji Ajaosi Royal family, and his cherished in-laws. Through this ceremony, he celebrated not only the birth of his son but also the rich tapestry of familial support and divine blessings that enveloped them.

As the echoes of blessings filled the air, the naming ceremony of Prince Solomon Okeowo Tairu served as a poignant reminder of the enduring legacy and unity that bind together both royal and community spirits in celebration of new beginnings.
Prince Olaitan Royal, the editorĀ inĀ chief.

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