All Hail Digital Age!

More than 500 successful participants benefit Lenovo brand new laptop at Project Tmax.

The benefactors of the project Tmax express heartfelt gratitude for the outstanding leadership of Digital age consult, during the period of Project T-max.
The guidance and dedication of the Digital Age consults have played a pivotal role in the success of this federal government program. There vision and commitment to excellence have been truly inspiring.
The students also extend thanks to the course mates for their collaborative spirit and hard work. Together, to formed a cohesive team that made significant strides in achieving the program’s objectives. Each member’s contribution has been invaluable.

Let’s not forget our God-sent instructor, Mr Emmanuel of graphics design section and also others facilitators who have positively impacted the students in the course of the program . Thank you very much for instilling the principles of design into us. You turned us from roadside WhatsApp designers to senior graphic designers, says the students .

A special acknowledgment goes to our program facilitator for their expertise and support throughout the journey. Their guidance has been instrumental express gratitude to the federal government for their unwavering support in making Project T-max a reality. This program has not only enriched our knowledge but has also contributed to the greater good, thanks to the federal government of Nigeria, for the commitment to initiate such great robust program.

Thank you once again for your leadership, and look forward to the continued success of Project T-max under the of Digital Age consults guidance.
Up digital age.
Up Project Tmax.

Olaitan Royal
Chief press

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