Ministering: Pastor E.A Adeboye

Topic: From the Mountain Top Part 1

Text: Exodus 3:1-5

Moses has been a fugitive for 40years, he’s been running from pharaoh from what happened in Exodus 2:11-23 (when he killed and buried the egyptian who was tormenting his brethren) but his time for repositioning came because pharaoh died.

The one who have been making life unbearable for you, if the person is not already gone, will be gone very soon. Amen

– David was a fugitive for 13years after God had anointed him to be king but his father in-law kept on pursuing him for 14years. According to
1 Samuel 31:-16, king Saul died and the years of running for David came to an end. There is always a set time according to Psalm 102:13, When your time comes, nobody can stop you.

– Genesis 41:46, the time for Joseph came at the age of 37years, he was a young boy when he had dreams of greatness of what he was going to become.
Genesis 40:1-23 , in spite of everything he has been able to achieve in prison, the one who was supposed to help him forgot him but when the time came, he was remembered.


The time for God to remember you had come. Amen

– When God time to reposition you comes, you won’t have to worry about your enemies much further, the king of kings Himself will take care of such enemies.
1 Kings 19:1-8 – After God repositioned Elijah on the same mount Horeb where He repositioned Moses, Elijah never ran from anybody. As a matter of fact in 1 Samuel 21:20-24, the hunted became the hunter.

All those who have been hunting you, if they are wise, when they see you, they will run. Amen

– Isaiah 54:15-17; the Almighty stated clearly concerning you, if the enemies gang up against you they will fall. There is none of their weapons fashioned against you will prosper, He said if they criticize you, you will rebuke them.
When once a while you hear me say something that may be a bit tough for you, it’s because it’s in the scripture, Enough is Enough.

From now on, anyone who criticizes you without cause, God will shut his/her mouth. Amen

Every tomentor of your family will not see the end of this month. Amen


When God reposition you, the next thing you can expect is Divine Visitation. Moses moved the cattle to mount Horeb, what is it doing on the mountain? Grass is supposed to be on the plain for the goats, sheep, what is grass going on the mountain top, God repositioned him. The Almighty God systematically worked in our lives. The walls are down before He moved us to divine repositioning, now by the grace of God, we are on the mountain top. Whether the devil likes it or not, we are staying on the mountain top. Amen


Being on the mountain top, incidentally when we talk of been on the mountain top, that’s another way of saying you are fasting.

Get ready, from January 11 for 50days only for Fasting

– When you are on the mountain top, the first thing to expect is divine visitation, James 4:8, when you draw near to God, He will draw near you. When He puts you on the mountain top, He will come closer to you. Whenever God wants to visit somebody, He will reposition the person first.



For example in Genesis 18:1-14. When God wanted to visit Abraham, He brought him out of the tent, he was by the door of the tent. He was where the wind can touch him when the wind is blowing past. When God reposition you, He will pay you a visit. He will reposition you to pay you a visit so that prophesies can become a decree.


Every prophesies you have received will be fulfilled this month. Amen- When David was not where he was supposed to be for divine visitation, God repositioned him. 1 Samuel 16:1-13 – David was to be anointed king, the man of God was there in the house, some pretenders were showing forth until he ask the father of these are all his children but the father said he is not a material for kingship, the man of God insisted until David was brought forth.



All those who are needed to bring you to divine contact, they won’t rest until they do so. Amen

The Lord ask me to tell you, He said I have repositioned someone who will help you. Amen

– 1 Kings 17:8-16, God Almighty made sure that He repositioned the widow of Zariphat, she was outside looking for wood and He repositioned Elijah who arrived just on time to see the widow. The widow got a divine visitation that caused her repositioning.

In the name that is above every other name, before this month is over, somebody will get a divine visitation. Amen


In the name that is above every other name, before this month is over, somebody will get a divine visitation. Amen

– At times God will reposition you so that you can see the unusual. When you are on the mountain top, you can see further than somebody who is in the valley. As you go higher and higher you see more and more.
Genesis 13:14-17, the more you can see, the more you can have. Whatever you can see you get.
Occasionally God repositions you to the mountain top so that you can see far, so you can see what God is about to make available to you.
Mathew 17:1-9 (the Lord took 3 people with Him to the mount of transfiguration, they saw what ordinary eyes could not see because God repositioned them to the mountain top)

Prayer & Prophesy

Beginning from this year, you will begin to see the invincible. Amen

Daddy ask me to tell you, He said the fellow will understand, He said last year you lost a river, this year, I will give you an ocean. Amen

– Mark 5:35-43; When Jesus Christ wanted to show peter, James, and John how to raise the dead, He repositioned the three of them in Jairus house. He kept the others outside and moved the 3 inside, they were there when He raised Jairus daughter. Years later in Acts 9:36-42, When Peter was going to raise Dorcas from the dead, he followed the example shown to him by the Lord Jesus Christ. When He reposition you particularly to the mountain top, it is so that you can see the invincible that will lead you to further promotion.

– 2 Kings 2:9-15 – When Elijah was to be taken away by a whirlwind to heaven and he asked Elisha what he wanted and Elisha said I just want a double portion of your anointing, Elijah told him the condition is if you can see me, if you can see the invincible.


God will open your eyes tonight. Amen

Prayer Points
1. Thank the Almighty God for bringing you into the new year and for repositioning you.

2. Father after all these years as a fugitive, please remember me just like you remember Moses, please remember me tonight.

3. Father any pharaoh left in my life, don’t let him or her see the end of this month.

Why Will God Need To Reposition You To The Mountain Top

God needs to pull you apart for you to hear his voice. You have time to pray, time to fast.
1 Kings 19:4-21. When God want to tell you about your future or destiny, He speaks in a small still voice when He wants to speak to you alone.
John 12:28-29,
Mathew 13:10-16, there are things only blessed ears can hear. (Not every ear can hear God speak). When God is speaking, He speaks in a small still voice, only blessed ears can hear Him. 1 Samuel 3:1-9

The Lord says there is someone here who is afraid of promotion because you know what the enemy did to destroy your former boss, the Lord asked me to tell you, I will promote you and I will protect you. Amen

If you can hear God yourself, nobody can deceive you.

Prayer Points

4. Father please open my ears, I want to hear from you. If you can’t hear from God, you will be deceived.

5. Speak Lord, thy servant heareth, am ready to hear and am ready to obey.

– Moses heard his name being called when he was on the mountain top. He saw the invincible.

When you hear from God, it’s most likely you will hear the voice of destiny calling. 1 Samuel 3:1-end, 1 Samuel 16:11-13 (Read with understanding)
Acts 9:1-6 (Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus heard God call)


The Lord asked me to tell somebody, He said all your headaches, mental headache, financial, marital headache, all your headache will be gone this year. Amen

Daddy said you are knocking at a door and the door has refused to open, He asked me to tell you to keep knocking, that the door will not only open but will lead to other doors opening. Amen

The Lord asked me to tell you that there is someone here who is crying for two special miracles, He said I will give you three. Amen


Prayer Point

6. Father let me hear the call of destiny tonight, let me know where I am heading tonight.

– When God repositions you, it is to bring you into contact with Himself. If there is anything at all that God wants to be known for, it is His Holiness. Isaiah 6:1-3. Don’t be deceived, the master key to dealing in close contact with God is Holiness. Anywhere you hear about God, you hear about His Holiness. Exodus 15:11.

– When He touches anything, that thing becomes Holy.
– Before He can use anybody, He will purify the fellow, Isaiah 6:4-8, Malachi 3:2-4. You want to be used of God, you must be ready for purification.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said throughout this year, anytime, anywhere you need me, I will be there for you. Amen

You cannot work with God in sin, He is a Holy God. You want Him be by your side, you want to show you the invincible, you want Him to remember all your tears of captivity and bring it to an end, you want Him to silence all those standing between you and your goal, you must be Holy

Prayer point
7. Father purify me, make me pure

Until He washes away your sin, you can’t enjoy Him. If you want God to draw closer to you, you have to surrender your life to Christ today. If you want to surrender your life to Jesus Christ and you want to be closely associated with the Almighty God, you have to come to Him now so that He can draw closer to you.

Ask God to forgive you, ask God to cleanse you by His blood, ask Him to have mercy on you and promise never to go back to your sins again. Tell Him to draw you closer to Himself

Olaitan Royal
Chief press

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