Brimming with Generosity: Arm Lifting Initiative Launches Foundation in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

Brimming With Generosity

On a radiant morning, the 14th of February 2024, the heartwarming Arm Lifting Initiative Foundation for widows and aging individuals came alive at Jumofak in Ikorodu, Lagos State. The inauguration was nothing short of a dazzling affair, as it brought together over 50 widows and 100 elderly individuals who were showered with essential palliatives such as food, drinks, and clothing.

More than just the material provisions, the event hosted an international medical outreach program that stood as a beacon of altruism. Attendees were granted access to free medical services, including consultations, blood pressure checks, sugar level tests, malaria screenings, and also free medications.

To top it off, more than enough expensive medications were distributed to those in need, ensuring that their health needs were met with dignity and care.

Addressing the gathering with grace and fervor, the Convener, Ambassador Princess Pricilia Ojora Talabi, an indigenous of Ojora and Ikorodu, extended her heartfelt gratitude to all who graced the occasion. She expressed deep appreciation for the unwavering support from her beloved parents OBA FOA AROMIRE the Ojora of Ijora and IGANMU KINGDOM,

Hon. Mojisola Ojora Meranda (LASBAT) THE DEPUTY SPEAKER LAHA, Hon. JIMI Benson 

Federal House of Representatives, ALHAJI chief RILWAN Olawale Yekin cooler the Olori ODO of Ijora and IGANMU KINGDOM, THE ROYAL CIRCLE CONNECT MEDIA, my lovely husband, Pastor David Obafemi & Pastor Ronke Aboaba, Pastor Abidemi Temitope Williams,

Mrs Toyin Deji-Ayodele  CEO MERC-DEES, Dr Adesola & Dr Mrs Adeola Aderinwale ( Medical Consultant )

Winners Medical Centre Ikorodu

Dr. Bukola Adewakun,  Chief Mrs Owokalu,

Pastor Mrs Yemi Aromolaran, Hon. Olawale &Temitope Tairu Mrs Pat Fajobi, Pastor Mrs Yinka Adebo, Mr Segun OMINU, Vienne Couture, Alaragbayida Music Band TOBSAM Beauty Salon, Olat Leaders Mind

RosRoy Ventures etc


Osconet Venture

Mr & Mrs Abiodun Eunice Olatunji

parents, family members, and friends, recognizing their pivotal role in propelling her philanthropic dreams into reality.

The princess in her appreciation especially appreciated her co-founder of the organization.



In her heartfelt address, Ambassador Pricilia  highlighted, “Giving has been ingrained in my essence since childhood, fostering a lifelong dream of aiding the underprivileged. By extending a helping hand to widows and the elderly over the years, I felt a profound calling to establish this foundation and magnify the impact we can create for those in need.”


She further took the opportunity to extend her profound gratitude to the generous donors and dedicated partners whose contributions were instrumental in the foundation’s inaugural success. Ambassador Patricia humbly appealed for continued support from the community, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts in crafting a more comfortable and dignified life for widows and aging individuals.


The launch of the Arm Lifting Initiative Foundation marked a momentous chapter in the philanthropic journey of Ambassador Princess Patricia, heralding a beacon of hope and compassion for the vulnerable in society. As the foundation spreads its wings, let us join hands in fostering a culture of empathy, generosity, and care for those most in need. Together, let’s sculpt a future where compassion reigns supreme, uplifting spirits and transforming lives with each act of kindness.

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