The Tussle For Power In Mayegun Community

The Maiyegun community, nestled within the Eti Osa local government area, has long been embroiled in a contentious battle over power and authority, particularly concerning the esteemed position of the community’s leader. Our recent investigation into this matter has shed light on a complex legal dispute, with ramifications extending far beyond the boundaries of the community itself.


At the heart of the conflict lies a dispute between the Commissioner of Police and the self-proclaimed Oba Maiyegun of Maiyegun Community Prince Rahmon Adetunji Laani Maiyegun ,  laying claim to the title of King of Maiyegun. Our attempts to gather information from various stakeholders including the key individuals was aborted, seemingly unavailable or unwilling to comment at this time, e. g. The solicitors, and the claimed king.

Our efforts was met with mixed success, as only the acting Bale who also is the head of the family, the family lawyer and few members of the Maiyegun family were available to grant our interview.

According to Barrister Yusuf Adelakun, representing the Maiyegun family, the crux of the matter revolves around the legitimacy of the title of Oba of Maiyegun. He asserts that there is no official recognition of such a title within the community, with only an acting Baale appointed to oversee local affairs. Adelakun emphasizes that the court proceedings will ultimately determine whether the individual in question is rightfully entitled to the title of Oba or if their actions constitute impersonation.

In a separate interview, Chief Mujitaba Oloruntoyin Maiyegun, the Acting Baale of Maiyegun, provides insight into the historical lineage and succession process within the community. He asserts that he was appointed as the acting Baale by the consensus of the entire family and highlights the lack of a formal coronation process for the individual claiming the title of Oba. Chief Maiyegun recounts his interaction with law enforcement authorities, who initially approached him regarding allegations of improper coronation procedures. He maintains that the Maiyegun family did not endorse nor participate in any such activities and expresses frustration over the prolonged legal proceedings.


As the case unfolds within the confines of the Yaba Magistrate Court, the future leadership and stability of the Maiyegun Community hang in the balance. While legal arguments are exchanged and evidence presented, the broader implications of this dispute on community cohesion and governance cannot be overlooked. A resolution must be reached that upholds the rule of law and respects the traditions and heritage of the Maiyegun people.


Amid this tumultuous chapter in Maiyegun’s history, one thing remains clear: the determination of its residents to safeguard their community’s integrity and uphold the principles of justice and fairness. As the legal proceedings progress, we remain committed to providing updates on this evolving story and its impact on Maiyegun Community and beyond.

The Maiyegun in councils further appreciates the positive efforts of the judiciary arms, which is the hope of the masses, and the Nigerian police for being fair and faithful in the matter so far.

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