On a serene day marked by the gentle rustle of leaves and the soft whisper of the wind, the 8th-day Fidau prayer was held in honor of Late Alhaja Mufutiatu Bello and Late Alhaji Fatai Bello. The event was a solemn yet uplifting occasion, filled with heartfelt memories and inspiring words. The distinguished guest lecturer for the day was Fadeelat Sheikh Alhaji Yahya Agboola, whose words resonated deeply with all in attendance.

The biological children of the late Alhaja Mufutiatu Bello—Mustapha Bello, Olamide Bello, Funmilayo Bello, Shehu Bello, and Alhaja Omobolanle Bello—stood united in their grief and remembrance. Each child, a testament to their mother’s enduring love and guidance, shared stories that painted a vivid picture of her remarkable life. Alhaja Omobolanle Bello, the CEO of Omobola Tradomedical Clinic, spoke with a voice tinged with both sorrow and pride. She described her mother as a pillar of strength, a woman whose love for rice and singing praises to God Almighty brought a unique joy to their home.

Alhaja Mufutiatu Bello was more than just a mother; she was a beacon of faith and kindness. Her commitment to her religion and her community was unwavering. Friends and family who gathered to pay their respects described her as a devout Muslim, whose practices were a source of inspiration for all. She was a mother to many, not just by blood, but by her generous spirit and caring nature. Her granddaughter reminisced about a grandmother who was the heart of the family, a presence that will be profoundly missed.

Sheikh Yahya Agboola, in his enlightening lecture, emphasized the transient nature of life. He reminded everyone that death is an inevitable part of our existence, and therefore, it is crucial to live a life of righteousness and compassion. His words encouraged the gathering to reflect on their own lives and the legacy they wish to leave behind.

The event was also a celebration of heritage, with the oriki (praise poetry) for Alhaja Mufutiatu Bello echoing the rich cultural traditions of their lineage:

*Oriki Mama, Omo Ife Ooni, Ibi Ojumo Tin Mo
Omo Olokore Ido Tiolo Soja Imore
Omo Olope Nla
Omo Arowo Soge
Omo Inono Kuku
Omo Oba Tin Fin Ase Muti
Omo Olokore Togbe Koko Loja Olopenla.*

These words, steeped in history and reverence, highlighted the profound respect and love the family holds for their matriarch.

The prayer was attended by an array of family members and friends, each sharing a common thread of loss and respect. They spoke of Alhaja Mufutiatu Bello as a woman of integrity, whose unbiased love and care extended beyond her immediate family. Her nurturing spirit was a source of progress and well-being for many, and her loss is felt deeply across the community.

As the ceremony concluded, Alhaja Omobolanle Bello encouraged all to emulate her mother’s godly and loving nature. She spoke of the difficulty in accepting her mother’s passing, a sentiment echoed by many who knew her. Yet, the day was also marked by a collective resolve to carry forward her legacy of kindness, faith, and unwavering support for those around her.

This is Tairu Olaitan Royal, Chief Editor of Royal Circle Connect Media, reporting on a day of remembrance and reflection. The 8th-day Fidau prayer for Late Alhaja Mufutiatu Bello and Late Alhaji Fatai Bello was not just a mourning of their passing, but a celebration of their lives. Their legacy lives on through their children, their community, and the values they instilled in all who had the privilege of knowing them. May their souls find eternal peace, and may their memory continue to inspire and guide us all.

Olaitan Royal
Chief press

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