The 2025 Chairmanship Election: Meet the Candidates Shaping Our Future

WATCHOUT FOR: Positive Impacts, Biography, and Qualities of the Contestants in the 2025 Chairmanship Elections in Lagos State*

As the 2025 chairmanship election approaches, it’s important to understand the backgrounds, qualities, and visions of the candidates. This election will shape the future of our community, and informed voting is crucial.


The Candidates Biography, Background, educational status, Career, Qualities, Leadership experience, Integrity, Vision, Positive Impacts, Community Projects, Youth Programs etc.

Understanding the candidates’ backgrounds and visions will help voters make an informed decision. Each candidate may possess unique strengths to the table, and their leadership will be crucial in shaping the future of our community.

Watchout via our next publications for more detailed profiles and in-depth analyses of all the candidates. Stay informed and be ready to make your vote count in shaping a better future for Lagos State.

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